5 Foosball games for Android

Foosball is one of the most popular table games and it deserves its digital version. But, in the sea of
applications how can you know which one is really good and which one will crash all the time?
Picking the best game is not the easiest choice because it takes time to find, test and see if the game
is really good. So, to help you choose the best foosball app for you, I have narrowed down the list to
the top 5 foosball games. If you are a fooser, you will love all the games on this list.

 Foosball Cup World

This game is made by Ludus Studio and it has the best graphics and the best design on the list.
Besides the fact that it looks good, the app works great and it has many options. You can adjust the
entire game to your preferences. You can choose the table size, the table formation, the players, the
type of balls, almost everything. You can’t change the difficulty, but I guess you can’t have
everything. Keep in mind that this game is for foosers who love to unlock new features because you
have to win few matches to unlock most of it.

Foosball Cup

If you are impatient foosball player, like I am, and you don’t feel like winning matches to get to that
great table, then this is a better game for you. Also made by Ludus Studio, the game offers little
fewer features than the Foosball Cup World, but everything is unlocked. All you need to do is pick
everything and start playing. The only downside is the ball. It seems too big for the table, but I think
it is more an adjustment issue than the real problem.

Foosball 2013

The name of this game may confuse you because in the Google Play Store is just Foosball, but when
you download it, it is Foosball 2013. If you aren’t sure which one to pick, pick the one made by White
Collar Games, they are the developers. Besides the confusion with the name, the game is pretty OK.
It is made for hobby players because you can’t choose the table nor the ball, but you can choose the
difficulty, the table formation and the duration of the match. It is easy to control the players, you
just have to touch the ball with them, but there are some options for more advanced shots.


The developers behind this game are called NAVU. It is the game for hobby players, just like the
number 3, but it has fewer features. When you start the application you can choose 2 game modes
and that is where your options end. The player’s control is not like in the other games. With this
game, you have to use the arrows in the bottom corner to control the rods. So, no spinning rods. The
Very bold choice for a foosball game and I must say; I am not impressed.

Foosball World Cup

It has the similar name to the 1 st  app so don’t confuse those two. Actually, you can’t the difference is
extremely big. This app is modest; it is really the lowest quality of all 5 games. You can choose the
game mode, the difficulty and 1 out of 12 national teams, which is nice, but the gaming experience is
just not good. The ball is too fast, there are no rods on the table and players are just simple bubbles
(in the lack of the better word).
If you are an advanced player I would definitely recommend 1 st  and 2 nd  games, everything else is for
rookies and hobby players who just want to kill time and they want to do it by playing table soccer.