How To Download Blue Mail for PC Windows 10/8/7/XP And Mac

Blue Mail for PC is the one-stop solution for all your emails and contact managing in the perfect way to get updated with your emails. By the developers Blue Mail Inc it is an awesome tool you can use worldwide for solving your problem regarding emails and your contacts in a decent way. You can download this useful tool for your Android devices and iOS Apple smart devices. but you can also use Blue Mail for PC. let me explain its features I will discuss its installation on the desktop later.

Do you have multiple Email account from different providers? Is managing them separately a bit frustrating? Why not try Blue Mail for PC, Windows, and Mac OS?

But What is Blue Mail?

This is a highly reliable application designed by Blix, Inc. On Blue Mail for MacBook PC, you can add multiple Email account from various providers and manage them accordingly on the same platform. Thanks to this amazing app, emailing has become a lot more efficient, time-friendly, and bearable.

The Blue Mail Android application comes with many useful features that deserve mentioning. So if you’re new, you can continue reading below. Whereas, if you are here for the installation method of Blue Mail on a computer or laptop, you can view them further down below.

DeveloperBlix Inc.
UpdatedSeptember 20, 2021
RequirementsWindows 7, 8, or 10

Some Notable Features of Blue Main for PC

  • Constructive Interface and Smooth Navigation

The Blue Mail app for PC comes with a clean and user-friendly interface. The application is easily customizable. You can change up the menu bar for making vacation easier for yourself.  Through the multiple reliable menu bars, you can quickly navigate through different providers and pages of the app.

Blue Mail for PC
  • Separate and Unified Inboxes 

The useful emailing application comes with two options. You can either choose to view each email account separately or you can view them combined. The unified Inbox allows you to view emails from all your providers in one place. Be it Gmail, Outbox, or Yahoo Mail, you can view all the important emails sent to each provider altogether.

Again, you have a customizing option, you can view and select what kind of emails you want to be able to view on the unified inbox. and view the other separately.

In the unified menu, it is not just the inboxes of all your email accounts, but you can view the sent emails, trashed emails, archived email, etc.

Blue Mail for PC
  • Built-in Calendar

Instead of opening the calendar separately, you can use the integrated calendar in the Blue Main app for Windows 7/8/10. Now you can easily mark important dates, plan events, days to send important emails, your meetings, schedules, and much more.

Blue Mail for Windows
  • Productive Emailing

On Blue Mail for PC, you can enjoy the best feature and that is productive mailing. With this option, you can choose multiple accounts to who you want to send the same email. This is highly reliable for business emailing, as you can quickly and efficiently send your team an email altogether. This saves your time and your frustration of sending emails one at a time.

Blue Mail for PC
  • Back up and Syncing

With this feature, you can safely back up and sync your emails across your devices for user-friendly emailing.

  • Reduce Clutter

This amazing feature in the Blue Mail for Mac OS allows you to click on a user’s avatar, so you can easily view all the emails between you and them, sent or received on one page. You can also customize emails under different types.

Blue Mail for PC
  • User-friendly Notification Settings

Change notification settings according to your likes. The options are  Quiet Hours, Vibrate, LED Light, Snooze etc.

Blue Mail for PC

Other Features Include

  • Advanced spam management
  • Dark and light theme
  • Rich text editing
  • Compatible with Android Wear
  • Easy and convenient emailing
  • Mark and set reminders on emails (done, unsee etc)
  • Visually appealing
  • Highly secure and decrypted emailing

How to download Blue Mail for PC, Windows 10 and Mac Laptop

The only way you can download and use Blue Mail on a laptop or PC is through an Android Emulator. This third-party software allows you access to the google play store, from there you can easily install your favorite Android apps to use on PC and Laptop.

The software will emulate the Android interface on your Windows 7/8/10. This way, you can open the google play store and install apps without any restrictions. You also get pre-set controls compatible with your device along with a glitch-free experience. In our opinion, Android Emulators are totally worth installing.

There are plenty of emulators from which you can choose. However, in this article, you will see download guides on the emulator BlueStacks. This one is at the top of the list for its reliability and promising features. If you’re choosing a different Android Emulator, you can also use his guide for that emulator as almost all of them have the same installation method.

Now, let’s proceed to the download guides for BlueStacks and Blue Mail for PC.

Getting BlueStacks to Install Blue Mail for PC and MacBook

  1. Download EMulator

    First, download the BlueStacks emulator on your computer or laptop by clicking here. Download BlueStacks from the official website. TapVPN For PC

  2. Configuration

    Configure it with your Gmail account to gain access to the google play store. You can always create a new account if you don’t have one originally.

  3. Install Blue Mail On PC Through PlayStore

    Next, go to the emulator’s home and then the search bar to look for the Blue Mail app. The google play store page for your search result will pop open up on your screen. It will be a list, from there choose your app to install it. Eventually, click on the install button to use the app on PC.
    Blue Mail for PC

  4. Locate the app

    You can also navigate directly to the google play store by clicking on its extension. You will find the extension on the BlueStacks home page. After installation, you can find the app on the BlueStacks home page or the desktop main screen. Double-click on the Blue Mail icon and enjoy using it on your PC, Mac, and Windows.
    Blue Mail