Dead Town – Zombie survival for PC, Windows and Mac

Lemon Puppy Games bring fantastic games for people who want to kill monsters, yes again you can kill zombies with your own weapon and strategy. Dead Town – Zombie survival is an amazing game when I play it the first time, I get addiction, might be I love to kill zombies by my self but overall it got a good review from the games community.

The only plan you have in the game is your survival plan, you need to understand games tactics for a better plan to survive from zombies, you need to pick the bad for all items, tap on the bag button and select the item to utilize.  The in the bags are different weapons like knives guns and some other bomb material, clothes, food items, a compass, and a very important first aid box. For your mission, you need to build a shelter in day to survive from zombies attack at the night. Dead Town – Zombie survival

How to play Dead Town – Zombie survival on PC:

Dead Town – Zombie survival is available for android and iOS users only, but you can play it on your desktop computers, laptop on windows, just follow the instructions mention below.

  1. Very first you need to download Dead Town – Zombie survival APK file.
  2. Now download and install Bluestack payer setup.
  3. Once installation is complete open the Bluestack player and opens the downloaded Apk through the player.
  4. Install the APK and find in Dead Town – Zombie survival in Bluestack player, and follow screen instructions.
  5. Done, enjoy the game.