Jailbreak Roku Streaming Stick – How to

You have probably searched for the term “how to jailbreak Roku streaming stick?” because you probably want to stream videos, movies and shows for free on Roku. It IS being one of the most amazing and best streaming device available these days can be used on the smart TVs. Jailbreak Roku Stick already allows the users to watch the movies and TV shows for absolutely free. See also FreeTelly for Windows another Kodi alternative.

If still due to any reason or circumstances, you want to learn how to Jailbreak Roku, you are absolutely at the right place as we this article contains all the information for jailbreaking Roku. If we talk about how to jailbreak Roku, there is no technical or any other way to jailbreak Roku other than using the software KODI for streaming the videos, movies or anything you want to watch.

Jailbreak Roku

KODI is software that can be used on any device including the smart phone, Tablet, computer or TV. Basically, you can stream videos online on the KODI like any other media player. The one thing that is not quite appreciated about the KODI is that it is of no use when not used with the add-ons. Many add-ons are available but the best one to use and the one which actually works properly is the Exodus add-on. See also Complete KODI setup wizard For Windows 10, PC.

Due to some reason, you cannot use the KODI directly on Roku. But you don’t need to worry about that as in this article we will tell you about the method that actually makes the KODI work with Roku. For that, you will need a windows PC or any android device. This method will need the cast feature which is only available on Jailbreak Roku 3.

Reasons why we love Roku?

Roku can be connected to Wi-Fi to stream the videos in HD quality. As already mentioned above, Roku, when combined with the add-on, is the best thing you can have for entertainment. It’s the most entertaining device you have to watch the movies, TV shows or videos. Roku 4 streaming stick works only with the 4K smart Tvs as its made only for the HD smart Tvs.

How to jailbreak Roku using KODI?

As already mention above in this article, KODI can be installed very easily on any android device or windows PC. You need to use the HDMI cable that will stream the PC or android device on your Roku stream stick. This is the easiest and the simplest way to watch the videos or stream anything you want.

Is it safe and legal to use KODI on Roku?

Of course it is legal to use KODI as it’s just simple video streaming software. You can stream videos on Roku even without KODI. The only purpose of using the KODI is to stream the videos that are not playable in Roku for free.