How to Install and Play Kingdom Rush Origins for PC (Windows 10)

Kingdom Rush Origins is an action-packed game-play that is coming back with new game series. It’s a kind of adventure game where you have to command your eleven armies and defend mystical lands from sea serpents, you also have to destroy evil monsters such as evil sorcerers, serpents and go after The Gnoll Tribesmen using an army of elves. This new series is most similar to the previous Ironhide game, Kingdom Rush. However, this new Kingdom Rush origins come with new unique features such as spells, new upgrades, skills, and new units have been added as well.

While playing this game you have to defend yourself against the twilight army. When your enemy launches attacks at that time you have to save your land wall. This incredible game comes with over then twenty levels, and every level is tough more than the previous level.

Kingdom Rush Origin for Widnows:

While playing the game you have to do fight against over twenty monsters and also have to engage in war with other bosses. During the quest, you have to access to nine illustrious and renowned heroes who assist you. You also can upgrade those heroes with special characteristics, such as the ability to summon thunder and backup armies. In Kingdom Rush Origins for PC have infantry departments, elf archers, druid magicians, and mages who throw stones and create a sound on your enemy’s paths.

Kingdom Rush Origins have superb graphics and beautiful animations. This game has a unique design which makes it higher than other adventures games. You can play this game on different levels such as you can choose to play in Classic, Iron, or Heroic mode. Now it’s up to you like you want to play this game on easy, medium or hard level.

Kingdom Rush Origins also offers you the opportunity to implement your tactics throughout the prequel adventure. This game is full of adventure and action. Although this game will entertain you all time, even you will not get bored for a single minute because every stage has a new adventure. Even when you unlock its barracks, with more features and modes you will be rewarded with extra coins and stars. I am sure Kingdom Age lovers must have a great experience.

Kingdom Rush Origin For Mac:

Kingdom Rush Origin is basically for Android and iOS devices, but now Windows PC and MAC users can also play this game easily on their devices. Now you can play Kingdom Rush Origin for PC on your desktop without facing any problem. You can play all versions of this game on your PC and it works very impressively on PC. you can purchase this game on the play store for just US$2.99. Otherwise, you can play this game online on different gaming websites. For playing this game you need DRAM 1.8GB, and hardware requirement processor speed must be 1.6GHz and also need free hard disk space 150MB.

Now here I will guide you on how you can play Kingdom Rush Origin game on PC. For playing this game on your PC you need to follow a few easy steps. I am sure you will enjoy playing this game on your monitor screen.

Kingdom Rush Origins pc

If you’re familiar with the KIngdom Rush Saga then you surely love the Kingdom Rush Origins for PC. This game takes you all the way to the beginning of how the characters and story of the popular Kingdom Rush game started in the first place. With the Kingdom Rush Origins game, you can dive into the world of nostalgia and get hooked to your screen even more.

DeveloperIronhide Games
UpdatedSeptember 7, 2021
RequirementsWindows 7, 8, or 10

About Kingdom Rush Origins for PC, Mac and Windows

This prequel to the popular saga is packed with fun and excitement and is sure to awaken the avid gamer in you. Kingdom Rush itself had millions of players addicted to its mythical maps and excellent graphics. Thus, without any doubt, with Kingdom Rush Origins with its interesting and remarkable storyline, 3D heroes, mythical and ancient maps with its mindblowing graphics and intense defence strategies, you can get hooked for hours and hours.

The game holds no bad reviews at this point and so far has succeeded in pleasing almost everyone. With Kingdom Rush Origins on a computer or laptop, there is never a dull moment in your day.


Kingdom Rush Origins is sensational, where your Elven army will defend the mystical lands from different creatures. Players will engage in intense battles against sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and wave after wave of gnoll tribesman with their customized heroes, defense strategies, and magic!

Users can get instantly captivated in full-weaponry battles along with your entire army and defend and gain control of the land after land.

Other Notable Highlights

  • Take over lands and build your grand towers to secure your troops.
  • Once you create about 8 towers, each will allow you to unleash new abilities.
  • Fight along with your magical army of animated trees, wizards, elves and much more.
  • Customize and train your heroes and give them nine special abilities.
  • Fight against many enemies to defend and secure your lands.
  • Enjoy the eye-catching graphics and stunningly mystical creatures.
  • Gain achievements to unlock levels each with different difficulty levels.
  • You can choose from 3 modes like classic, Iron and Heroic.
  • Unlock new weaponry after winning every battle.
  • It even works OFFLINE!

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Some Screenshots of Kingdom Rush Origins on computer/Laptop

Can I Install Kingdom Rush Origins for PC, Mac and Windows 10

It’s no fun when this amazing game can not be accessed on a computer or laptop, right? Kingdom Rush Origins does not have a web version and is only available on the google play store. The only easy and safe way to download the game on your computer or laptop is by using a third-party program to access the google play store on your device.

You can use an Android Emulator like BlueStacks to download and access the game on your Windows and Mac OS. The software will allow you to add your Gmail account so that you can access the google play store on your PC and Mac Laptop. This way, you can download the Kingdom Rush Origins Game. Furthermore, if you are concerned about the interface and all. Don’t be, as BlueStacks promises to give you a smartphone like an interface where all your favourite Android apps will be compatible with your device once they are downloaded.

Now that we know what we want, let get into the process of installing Kingdom Rush Origins for PC.

Installing BlueStacks to Download Kingdom Rush Origins on Computer and Laptop

  • Firstly, click on the button below. In doing so, our website will navigate you to the BlueStacks official website. There, click on the download button to get the raw file. After running the file, simply follow the on-screen instructions to successfully download BlueStacks on your device.

[button color=”green” size=”medium” link=” ” icon=”” target=”false”]Download BlueStacks Here [/button]

  • After installing BlueStacks, open the emulator’s home page.
  • Next, you can either open the pre-installed google play store or simply search for Kingdom Rush Origins on the BlueStacks search bar.
  • Once you search for the app, the emulator will navigate you to the google play store. There you will see your search result at the top of the list.
  • Click on Kingdom Rush Origins and install it.
  • After installation, you will find the app icon on the BlueStacks home page or even on the device’s home page. Click on the icon to launch the game and enjoy saving the kingdoms with your magical heroes.
Kingdom Rush origins for pc