Lookout Security & Antivirus for PC,Windows 7/8/10

In this blog post, you will be able to download Lookout Security and Antivirus for PC with the help of our installation guides given further below. Nowadays hackers have been active like never before. But instead of spending every day in fear of getting your device hacked, we recommend you to try out the popular Lookout Security and Antivirus app on Windows 7/8/10. This is a highly reliable application that protects your device from hackers, malware, and every such threat.

DeveloperLookout Mobile Security
UpdatedSeptember 28, 2021
RequirementsWindows 7, 8, or 10

What does the Lookout Security and Antivirus app offers?

This amazing software is one of the most trusted among many Antivirus software. Lookout Security and Antivirus has many good reviews. and has rarely any complaints hence proving that it comes with promising features. It works efficiently and ensures everyone’s identity protection for every device. This all-in-one application comes with the following features.

  • Ensures device secuirty and Antivirus.
  • Prevents malware, spyware, hackers, adware and phising.
  • Lookout Security and Antivirus for MacBook PC not only manages the security of your device but also allows you to manage your device systems through the app.
  • Check for problems in your device system.
  • Identify and clean viruses by removing softwares etc.
  • Automatic location saver: saves your location when the battery is low.
  • Browse the internet freely as Lookout Security and Antivirus ensures every page you open is threat free.
  • Get instant notficiations on detection of threat and malware.
  • Protects you from public networks containing data thieves or other threats.

Can I Download Lookout Security and Antivirus for PC and Mac OS

This highly reliable application is not only good for Android devices but is made to be compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac as well. This way, you can protect your bigger device from threats and hackers as well. But if you’re wondering about how you can install and use the app on your computer or laptop, leave that to us. Simply continue reading below for the installation guides.

How to Install Lookout Security and Antivirus for PC, Mac and Windows 10

You can install your favorite antivirus application through the Android Emulator software. You will be able to use the google play store to download the exact same app.

Emulator Used: BlueStacks Android Emulator.


  • Wifi or data connection.
  • Required storage on device.
  • Disables Antirvirus software.

Now let’s get into the process of downloading Lookout Antivirus with BlueStacks. \

Time needed: 15 minutes.

  1. Download BlueStacks

    Firstly, go to the BlueStacks official website and download the raw file from there. Open the file to run it.
    lookout security and antivirus for PC

  2. Install and Configure

    After you run the file, an installer tab will open on your screen. From there, install BlueStacks and launch it on your device. Following this, the emulator will navigate you to the play store sign-in page. There, add your Gmail account for gaining access to the play store on your computer or laptop.
    lookout security and antivirus for PC

  3. Install lookout security and antivirus for PC

    After the configuration of BlueStacks, open the emulator’s home page. There, you can either open the google play store to look for the app or directly search on the BlueStacks search bar. Either way, once you search for lookout security and antivirus Android app, the emulator will navigate you to a list of applications. Select your app from the list and hit on the install button.
    lookout security and antivirus for PC

  4. Locate and Launch

    After installation, you will find the installed app on the BlueStacks home page. You might also find a shortcut icon of your app on the desktop home screen.


What features come with the lookout security and antivirus premium version?

In the premium version, all features are enhanced to work with perfection while ensuring the security and identity of your device. get Instant notifications when someone tries to breach your private data including the solution to restrict it.

How does the lookout app check for threats?

The Lookout Security and Antivirus app scans your device every time you take a new action that including downloading a new file, app or link, etc. The application detects malware in all-new actions you take. Plus, the app is integrated with endpoint security that ensures to leave no trace of threats in and to your device.

Is Lookout Security free?

The application has both free and premium versions. Both are reliable and perform well.

How to install Lookout Security and Antivirus for PC?

BlueStacks Android Emulator makes it possible for you to install your favorite Android applications including Lookout Security on your PC, Mac and Windows 7//8/10/XP and Vista.