Ludo Star For PC, Windows And Mac

Ludo Star for PC is one of top ranked applications on the Google Play store these days. Ludo star is for PC and Android devices. You can install Ludo star on PC simply like you do on android.
Ludo Star, a traditional game with a lot of fun. This game is actually played on cardboard having commonly 4 colors. Meaning a total of 4 players. The colors are Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. Each of the colors or players is having 4 tokens of the same color as that of the player.

Download Ludo Star For Windows:

When you need to download Ludo Star PC Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, then t First you need to install BlueStack Android emulator on your PC or Windows and Mac. You have to get back to your own empire while going through the empires of all the three other players on the cardboard. This interesting game is now introduced on the Mobile phone. The digitally played game has become really popular so quickly.


The total downloads on the Google Play store 5,000,000 times. In just a short time after the initial release on 7th July 2017, this game has achieved unbeatable reviews of 4.7/5 on the Play store. This game is going to be a big bang in the market of games and is on the top of the list in games.

You can play the game not only on your android or IOS devices but also on your PC. This interesting game can also be installed on the PC. Let’s install Lude Star on the PC and Bing all the opponents once in for all.

Ludo Star For PC FEATURES:

  • Before installing this 4.7 rated incredible game application on your PC, take a look at the features this game offers.
  • You can play in two modes. You can be a guest player or you can play by logging in from your Facebook account and play with your friends.
  • You can play with random people all around the world, by teaming up with as 2 players in a team or individually beat them to become the champion of LUDO star for PC.
  • There are different variations offered by LUDO star for PC which are Classic, Master Level, or Quick game to play one on one.
  • You can even set up your own rules and play the game with the rival. Make the game more interesting the way you like it.
  • You can download this application for Free with no hidden charges. This is absolutely free for the users.
  • Ludo star features you to play the Ludo online with your friends in a 3D model.
    You can also Chat and send emojis to random people after killing them in the game. Brag about you winning.

Download Ludo Star on PC or MAC:

The Ludo star is an Android device game that cannot be installed on the PC or MAC OS directly. We need the 3rd party installer normally known as Android Simulator which works as a base for your PC or MAC:

  • We will recommend you downloading the Blue Stacks on your device from the following link
  • Firstly, download and install the blue stacks on your PC or MAC.
  • After installation of Blue stacks, you have to download the Ludo Star APK.
  • Once both steps are done, double-click on the apk file of Ludo star.
  • You will see the Ludo star will be installed via Blue Stacks.
  • Once you are done with the installation of Ludo star, open the blue stacks and look for the recently installed application. There you will find the recently installed application. On the top of the list, you will find Ludo Star properly installed on PC.
  • Ludo star is installed for PC and now you can play Ludo star on PC and defeat all of your friends and become the undebatable champion of Ludo Star.