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Download V380 For PC, Windows 10 And MAC – Remotely Monitoring Your Camera’s With

V380 for PC is a camera application originally developed for android. This application works with WiFi camera products which can be used by remote controlling the camera, remote viewing, and remote reshowing. V380 serves as a security guard for your house. It’s your home security housekeeper. V380 for PC is an intelligent camera controlling application that is absolutely free for all users around the world. See also iVMS-4500 for PC and search for more remote control camera apps for PC on our blog.

You can easily control the management of the camera and use it with a single touch. Your house is safe now with V380. This application offered by Zeng Qingyao is climbing up on Google Playstore with a 3.3 stars rating and 500,000 downloads. It requires the minimum android version of 2.3. Download and install V380 on PC, Windows, and Mac OS using an android emulator.

V380 for PC, WINDOWS and MAC OS Features: V380 for pc

  • By this application you can view the course of real-time in video anytime and anywhere.
  • The application supports remote control, camera direction of rotation done by just touching the screen.
  • The V380 and vMEye for PC supports the live audio monitoring using WiFi.
  • You can also support network remote video re touching and image capture. It keeps you update with all the things happening around you.
  • With v380 you can set up a detection alarm. You can also set up intelligent cloud streaming with HD live time video with public networks.
  • This application will help you in digital zooming the area. It comes with preset function and WiFi configuration function.
  • V380 supports the quick AP configuration and also help you in 2D code scanning. You can also have live preview of recording function. All these videos are saved in your album.
  • V380 for PC also works with cloud storage device like Drop Box etc. The video can be uploaded to server to enhance the security.
  • It also support VR Wi-Fi Camera.

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Do you want to remotely monitor all of your cameras? Then, get V380 for PC, Windows 10, and MAC. This is an excellent app for monitoring all of your cameras. You no longer need to be concerned about places that are far away from you. With this app, you can easily get the current status of places such as the office, home, shop, and others. The app has a plethora of amazing features. which you will be able to utilize for free, However, you can make your life safer and easier by downloading V380 for PC, Windows 10, and MAC.

V380 For PC,

You can now easily view all of the live views on your PC’s large screens. But how do you do it? If you are unaware of this, we have already detailed the downloading process of this app on PC and Windows 10 below. Read it out.

Offered By
Updated31 August 2021
RequirementsWindows 7, 8, or 10

V380 For PC- FAQs:

In this section, you will find all of the answers to your questions and have all of your doubts about the V380 for PC cleared up. Lets us get started.

Is the video quality of the V380 for the laptop suitable?

Why not, after all? The V380 for a laptop provides the highest HD quality video of any live streaming. You can easily monitor all of the statuses in such a clear and good manner. The video quality of the V380 app is incorruptible. However, all live views should be viewed in HD quality.

Does the V380 for desktop support two-way communication?

Yes, with the V380 for desktop download, you can easily communicate in a two-way conversation. Only a few camera apps have this feature, but by downloading this app, you can easily have a clear two-way conversation for free.

Can I take screenshots of the live view in V380 for the computer?

Yes, with the V380 for desktop download, you can easily communicate in a two-way conversation. Only a few camera apps have this feature, but by downloading this app, you can easily have a clear two-way conversation for free.

Is there a zoom-in/zoom-out option in V380 for MAC?

There are a lot of camera apps that don’t have that zoom-in/zoom-out feature. And I find this extremely troubling. Because we can’t always see a distant live view clearly. However, with the V380 for MAC download, you can easily zoom in or out of the live view and see everything clearly.

Can I record all of the live videos in the V380 for Windows 10?

True, you can easily record all of the live views in the V380 for Windows 10. It means that if you miss out on any event or other live views in this fast-paced world. Don’t worry, you can easily watch the recorded live status whenever you are free. And always stay up to date on everything.

Is V380 for laptops available for free download?

Yes, V380 for a laptop is available for free download. To download and use this app, there is no need to pay any money for a subscription. on the other hand, Downloading this app will make your life safer and easier for free.

Is V380 for desktop a secure app for my devices?

Yes, the V380 for desktop is one of the most secure apps to install. This app contains nothing that will harm your devices or anything else. You should not be afraid to download this app. on the other hand, This app will make your life more secure.

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How to download V380 for a computer?

This is one of the most downloaded apps in the camera category on the Google Play store. However, this app is not available for the PC version, and there is no direct way to download it. But don’t worry, we’re always available to help you solve your problems. This app can be downloaded using Android emulators. Android emulators are downloaded and used to easily download all Android apps and games on PC. Many good Android emulators are available for free download, including:

  1. MEmuPlay.
  2. NoxPlayer.
  3. Bluestacks.

How to download V380 for PC on Bluestacks?

V380 for PC can be downloaded using Bluestacks. Please carefully follow all of the basic steps to ensure a successful download of this app. Let us get started.

Step 1: Search the Bluestacks:

For the download of Bluestacks, go to the web and type Bluestacks in the search bar.

V380 For PC,

Step 2: Visit the official page:

Visit the official page. where you can see the download button. Click that button.

V380 For PC,

Step 3: Bluestacks setup procedures:

When the downloading is finished. Open it and go through all of the Bluestacks setup procedures to get the emulator up and running.


Step 4: Sign in to the google play store:

Now, on the homepage, you can see the google play store icon. Click it and sign in with your Gmail account.

V380 For PC,

Step 5: Search the V380 for PC:

Next, when you successfully sign in, open it and write V380 in the search bar.

Step 6: Download V380 for PC:

Choose the right app from the list and click the download button. Now you can enjoy this app on PC too.

V380 For PC,

Are there alternatives to the V380 for Windows 10 available?

Yes, there are some good V380 alternatives for Windows 10 available to you. If you encountered any issues or problems while downloading this app. Then you can look for alternatives there as well. All of the alternatives apps mentioned in the guides below have already been written and posted on our website, so go check them out.


V380 For PC- Final Words:

Finally, we have reached the end of this article. And in this section, we hoped that the user understood all of the information, instructions, and downloading process. Furthermore, the downloading process will aid you in the downloading time. It’s time to stop worrying about the locations that you’re far away from them. With free download V380 for PC, Windows 10, And MAC, You can easily monitor all of your home office’s cameras and be the third eye.

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