What Will Be The Next Innovation Technology In Mobiles?

There was a time until the 1950s when technology changed after a decade. In the 1990s, it changed every five years. Now, in the era of mobiles, it changes every two hours or every second. The innovations are happening at a fast pace. New technologies are playing an important role in the generation of mobile enterprises. Information is on mobile innovations that can change the very face of
mobile history.

Mobiles have become an integral part of your daily life. Yet, the business applications with regard to mobile technology have always been slow. But, innovation has not stopped. It is a challenge to cover emerging technology in only one article. We have no doubt, covered, the best emerging trends. In reality, mobile technology has changed the definition of human life in technology.

1. Electrovibration Technology

What do you imagine from the name? Did the words give a brainwaves? When this technology comes to the fore, the touchscreen experience will change. With your smart phone, you can feel various types of texture. Now, do you get the idea? The online shopping industry, which is worth billions, will move to trillions. You can shop for clothes devoid of worries about the quality and texture of cloth.
You may expect this technology in the last days of 2018 in touchscreen devices. By using electrostatic charges, the brain can feel the textures by a touch of the device screen. Once again, Apple has proved its metal. The company has many patents related to the same technology process. Can disabled persons also benefit on this trend? Of course, the blind can use the same innovation for Braille, and use smart phone like a normal person.

2. Language Translation

Within 2019, multi-language translation in conference calls may become a reality. The language translation will turn to reality. Would you believe, without the aid of a mediator/translator?

3. Turning Your Thoughts To Commands

The scientific community has proved that every thought in the brain has a unique pattern. It produces signals which are never the same. The scientists are mapping these electrical signals, which when programmed can execute a command. In the future, the smart phone will have the brain-computer interface. The smart phone can understand your thoughts and carry out the command. Yes, you guessed it right. It will take some time for this technology to become a reality.

4. Charging

You have an expensive mobile having a battery that can sustain the charges for two days. But on the third, you will have to recharge with one of the … wire chargers. Low battery charge – that was the most frequent complaint faced by many mobile brands. Not anymore. Recent buzz says a new set of mobiles will enter the arena. You can recharge with actions such as taking a walk. In fact, the body heat can also charge the smart phone. The next line is not out of a MARVEL or comics book. In fact, the entire world is waiting for the ‘SUPER’ charger that can charge your mobile to the brim within a minute. The next innovation may be a gadget can recharge another gadget without the use of wires.

5. Flexible Mobile Screens

At present, the smart phone screens have the same dimension. But in the future, companies will focus on flexibility in their models. Soon, folding and unfolding of screens is possible. The reason – Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Soon, in your mobile, you can divide the screen to two units. One, for viewing videos or pictures and the other side to control the icons.

6. Mobile Phone/Wrist Watch

Physical flexibility of mobile phones will become a reality. Mobile manufacturing companies are already on the path to manufacture flexible smart phones. So, you can use the mobile in two ways. (1) Handset or (2) Wrist watch
The technology may take some time, but look at the impact it will make on the market.

7. Augmented Reality

There is a new buzz, which terms Augmented Reality as the future of mobile technology.

The definition of AR is a combination of unseen and advanced version of what you see in your naked eyes. A normal sight when viewed with the smart phone embedded in AR technology can give greater dimensions. Computer additions such as sound, graphics, video as well GPS data make this a


Let us imagine, you are a new entrepreneur in the home services industry. These innovations, when introduced in low-cost to the public, will definitely make the human lives easier. Don’t you think so? Human ancestors first invented fire for making the food delicious, and then the wheel for transportation. To make the human life easier, with regards to scientific technology, came the computers, then the internet, lead to mobiles and now to apps. The era of technology will never stop, but will always advance to more sophisticated devices. Is it not? Hope these mobile innovations get introduced in the market as soon as possible.
Have you read the article? Do you know of more innovations not covered in this article? Feel free to
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